August 17, 2020 5:00 AM - November 30, 2022 1:00 AM


From Wednesday 19 August, the Bullebakbrug bridge (Marnixstraat - Haarlemmerplein) will be out of service for public transport. The bridge will be replaced in its entirety. The work will take until the end of November 2022 to complete. Trams 3 and 5 are switching route, and buses 18 and 21 are switching a section too.

Trams 3 and 5 are only switching because only tram 5 with its bidirectional trams is able to run in Marnixstraat up to the bridge, and then back (without terminal loop). So-called overhead points have been installed to enable the tram to drive away again via the correct (right-hand) track.

Tram 3 will be diverted from Frederik Hendrikplantsoen via Nassaukade, Tweede Nassaustraat, Van Limburg Stirumstraat, Van Limburg Stirumplein, Van der Hoopstraat, Groen van Prinstererstraat, J.M. Kemperstraat and Van Hallstraat to the Westergasfabriek terminus (Van Hallstraat stop), and vice versa.

Tram 5 will be diverted from Marnixstraat/Marnixplein via Marnixstraat until before the bridge to a new destination, 'Jordaan', and vice versa, terminating at 'Eerste Marnixdwarsstraat'.
Please note: In Marnixstraat, tram 5 won't stop at the Marnixplein stops belonging to tram 3 (just north of Marnixplein), but at its own Marnixplein stops (just south of Marnixplein)

Suspended tram stops:
- Marnixplein (Marnixstraat; 3)
- Nw. Willemsstraat (Marnixstraat; 3)
- Haarlemmerplein (Haarlemmerplein; 3)
- Zoutkeetsgracht (Zoutkeetsgracht; 3)
- Nassaukade (Nassaukade; 5)
- De Wittenkade (Van Limburg Stirumstraat; 5)
- Van Limburg Stirumstraat (Van Limburg Stirumstraat; 5)
- Van Hallstraat (Van Hallstraat; 5)

Temporary tram stops:
- Nassaukade (Nassaukade; for 3)
- De Wittenkade (Van Limburg Stirumstraat; for 3)
- Van Limburg Stirumstraat (Van Limburg Stirumstraat; for 3)
- Van Hallstraat (Van Hallstraat; for 3)
- Nw. Willemsstraat (Marnixstraat; for 5)
- 'Eerste Marnixdwarsstraat' in Marnixstraat (for 5))

Bus 18 will be diverted from Frederik Hendrikstraat via Frederik Hendrikplantsoen, Kostverlorenstraat, Van Hallstraat, Haarlemmerweg and Nassauplein to Haarlemmerplein and along its own route, and vice versa. Bus 18 will therefore take over part of the route of bus 21.
Please note: In Van Hallstraat, the stops will apply to the opposite direction of travel (what was previously a stop for 21-Geuzenveld will now be the stop for 18-Central Station, and a stop for 21-CS will now be for 18-Slotervaart!

Bus 21 will be diverted from the Haarlemmerweg/Van Hallstraat junction via Haarlemmerweg and Nassauplein to Haarlemmerplein and along its own route, and vice versa.

Suspended bus stops:
- Marnixplein (Marnixstraat; 18, 21)
- Nw. Willemsstraat (Marnixstraat; 18, 21)
- Fred. Hendrikplantsoen (Fred. Hendrikplantsoen/Kostverlorenstraat; 21)
- Kostverlorenstraat (Van Hallstraat; 21)
- Van Beuningenplein (Van Hallstraat: 21)
- V.d. Hoopstraat (Van Hallstraat; 21)

Temporary bus stops:
- Kostverlorenstraat (Van Hallstraat; for 18)
- Van Beuningenplein (Van Hallstraat; for 18)
- V.d. Hoopstraat (Van Hallstraat; for 18)


Bridge closure


Route changed