February 10, 2021 7:00 AM - November 30, 2022 1:00 AM


From Wednesday 19 August, the Bullebakbrug bridge (Marnixstraat - Haarlemmerplein) will be out of service for public transport. The work will take until the end of November 2022 to complete. Trams 3 and 5 are switching route, and buses 18 and 21 are switching a section too.

Trams 3 and 5 are only switching because only tram 5 with its bidirectional trams is able to run in Marnixstraat up to the bridge, and then back (without terminal loop).

Tram 3 will be diverted from Frederik Hendrikplantsoen via Nassaukade - Tweede Nassaustraat - Van Limburg Stirumstraat - Van der Hoopstraat - Groen van Prinstererstraat - J.M. Kemperstraat - Van Hallstraat to the Westergasfabriek terminus (Van Hallstraat stop), and vice versa.

Tram 5 will be diverted from Marnixstraat/Marnixplein via Marnixstraat until before the bridge to a new destination, 'Jordaan', and vice versa, terminating at 'Eerste Marnixdwarsstraat'.

Please note: In Marnixstraat, tram 5 won't stop at the Marnixplein stops belonging to tram 3 (just north of Marnixplein), but at its own Marnixplein stops (just south of Marnixplein)

Suspended tram stops:

- Marnixplein (Marnixstraat; 3)

- Nw. Willemsstraat (Marnixstraat; 3)

- Haarlemmerplein (Haarlemmerplein; 3)

- Zoutkeetsgracht (Zoutkeetsgracht; 3)

- Nassaukade (Nassaukade; 5)

- De Wittenkade (Van Limburg Stirumstraat; 5)

- Van Limburg Stirumstraat (Van Limburg Stirumstraat; 5)

- Van Hallstraat (Van Hallstraat; 5)

Temporary tram stops:

- Nassaukade (Nassaukade; for 3)

- De Wittenkade (Van Limburg Stirumstraat; for 3)

- Van Limburg Stirumstraat (Van Limburg Stirumstraat; for 3)

- Van Hallstraat (Van Hallstraat; for 3)

- Nw. Willemsstraat (Marnixstraat; for 5)

- 'Eerste Marnixdwarsstraat' in Marnixstraat (for 5))

Bus 18 will be diverted from Frederik Hendrikstraat via Frederik Hendrikplantsoen - Kostverlorenstraat - Van Hallstraat - Haarlemmerweg - Nassauplein to Haarlemmerplein and along its own route, and vice versa. Bus 18 will therefore take over part of the route of bus 21.

Please note: In Van Hallstraat, the